Patient Choice Award 2021

Patient Choice Hero Team

Denton Ward – Winners

This is what a patient had to say about the team:

“The Denton Ward team is second to none in my opinion. I had a large plastics operation and this was very daunting, but being on Denton I was in for a smooth ride with my recovery. The team are full of compassion, caring and know how to be a team by helping each other day shift and night shift, but most of all they listened and knew when to have a serious moment with me and also by having a laugh and swapping back to being serious for their job.”

Gynaecology Outpatients and Oncology team – Winners.

Gynae team

This is what a patient had to say about the team:

In February this year I was referred to gynae outpatients as I had some unexpected bleeding. Everyone that I met, from Vikki who did my initial scans and made a potentially unpleasant experience absolutely fine, Mr Nieto who made me laugh so much during the consultation which I would never have imagined was possible when receiving a cancer diagnosis. Lucy the oncology nurse who answered my endless questions and then checked in on me the following day to see how I was and last but not least, the kind calmness of Mr Duncan who carried out my robotic surgery. I felt listened to, and that my views were important and I felt that I was getting the best possible care from a wonderful team of people. Thank you.

Urology Continence Advisers – Silver Award.

continence Advisers

This is what a patient had to say about the team:

I attend the clinic every 5 weeks for tibial stimulation for my overactive bladder.  As the treatment is life changing for me I had to attend the clinic all the way through lockdown. All the staff have been fantastic. They have been very friendly, helpful and so happy, even though they had been putting themselves at risk during the pandemic.  They are so caring and approachable that I see them more as friends.  Other hospital teams always get a mention but these guys need recognition too!

Patient Choice Hero

Priya Muthukumar, NICU consultant – Winner

This is what Priya’s nomination said:

My daughter Lilly Rae was born on 9 December 2019 at just 22 weeks and two days gestation at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Weighing just over a pound (511g) Lilly was the most pre-term baby the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit had cared for. And one of the youngest babies to be born in Britain! I was just 21 weeks and four days into my pregnancy when I was admitted to hospital with a suspected infection, broken waters and threatened preterm labour. Lilly’s heart was beating when she was born but had very little breathing and movements, as expected for a baby born so early. Priya and her neonatal team worked from that moment to actively team my tiny 1lb baby. Lilly required five months of care before returning home for the first time on April 28 2020. Many hospitals would and still do refuse to give active care to babies born younger than 24 weeks gestation but Lilly is proof that they can survive and thrive. The Neonatal team and Priya (Lilly Rae’s named neonatal consultant) have given me the biggest gift in life and one I get to love and cherish each and every day. Lilly could have been just another statistic had it not been for their dedication and belief. Priya was the first to see Lilly, the first to treat Lilly and the first to believe she could become the happy, hilarious little girl she is today!

Lisa Sant, Neurology Headache Specialist Nurse  – Silver Award. 

This is what Lisa’s patient had to say in the nomination:

Lisa has worked so hard during the pandemic to keep the headache clinic running and enabling patients such as myself to keep having their Botox treatment.  Lisa has not only made me feel so safe every time I’ve visited during the last year, but her determination to keep the service running has enabled me to feel well enough to get out of bed and perform my own job within the NHS during this time.

The treatment and care I’ve received from the Neurology team, but specifically Lisa, has honestly been life changing both physically and mentally. I am so grateful to Lisa and wanted to take this opportunity to recognise her hard work and constant kindness. She represents everything that is wonderful about the Trust.

Karen Welham – Assistant Practitioner, Haematology OPD – Silver Award

This is what Karen’s patient had to say in the nomination:

“As a patient since 2016, this nurse has been with me the whole step of the way through my treatment. When I have faced dark moments she has been there to support me. Karen made me laugh and we have cried together. Knowing someone is going the extra mile to make you well again and care about you really helps you to get through all the years of treatment I’ve had to face and continue to do so.”