Checking of Blood and Blood Components v12


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The greatest risk to the patient from blood transfusion is receiving the wrong blood component. The resulting reaction may be fatal. The majority of errors are due to incorrect patient or component identification by the staff commencing the transfusion.
The final identity check must be done next to the patient by matching the blood/component pack with the patient’s name band.
13th September 2022 NMHPB flowchart approved all documentsthat have a competency element to be reviewed by Core Competency Group Practice Development and Education and approved by NMHPB.
In order to make this process safer and for the Trust to meet statutory obligations under the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005 the Trust has purchased a blood tracking system.  The system will be used to manage stocks and the ‘cold chain’ of issued blood components. It will be used to ensure that the right blood is transfused to the right patient and that this information is recorded electronically.  The system will make transfusion to patients safer if it is used in conjunction with proper procedures

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