COVID-19 LAMP Test Privacy Notice v2


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Our purpose is to safeguard the health of as many NNUH Staff and NHS Staff in the Norfolk and Waveney STP as possible by implementing Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification LAMP COVID-19 tests. Generally the COVID-19 tests in use are laborious and complicated. They require a health professional to take samples perform the reaction and analyse the results. Also there is the need for dedicated equipment chemical reagents and sophisticated transport logistics.

LAMP allows for rapid scalable diagnostics that can detect SARS-CoV-2 infection and interrogate strain evolution. The use of LAMP tests allows us to identify individuals with COVID-19 who do not have symptoms allowing us to take steps to protect everyone.

As of January 2022 DIRECT LAMP is supporting asymptomatic staff testing in some NHS Trusts.  The Earlham Insitutute involved in DIRECT LAMP process test results using a digital processing system and submit this data to The Department of Health and Social Care’s DHSC Test & Trace T&T infrastructure through their lab LIMS Laboratory Information Management System .

Taking part in our LAMP testing programme is entirely voluntary.

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