Safe Transfer of Stable Babies from the Neonatal Unit to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Unit JCG0308 v3


download Safe Transfer of Stable Babies from the Neonatal Unit to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Unit JCG0308 v3


To allow the safe transfer and scanning of stable self ventilating i.e. non-ventilated infants from the neonatal unit to and in the 1.5 Tesla T or 3T magnetic resonance imaging MRI scanners in the Radiology Department. Infants must be transported from neonatal unit to the MRI department in the neonatal transport incubator and accompanied by the appropriately qualified personnel. Neonatal staff doctor/ANNP plus a neonatal nurse are to remain in attendance in the MR control room for the duration of the infant's scan. Guidance on patient monitoring is tailored according to patient circumstances and which MR scanner is used. Guidance regarding elective use of sedation for neonates undergoing MRI is also included.

This document was reviewed in September 2020 by Paul Clarke Jess Webb Sophie Fuller and Christina Gladwell behalf of the Radiology and Radiography department and colleagues and the changes detailed in the version control box page 2  were made.

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