Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol 2017 – 2021 3


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The Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol aims to create a consistent standard for tackling hate incidents and crime in Norfolk.

In adopting the aims of the Protocol an organisation will:

1. Publish clear messages to service users/customers that it does not tolerate hate incidents or crime in any form.

2. Publish information for service users/customers at a minimum online about how to report hate incidents in Norfolk and the different reporting options available see below for details of the different reporting options .

3. Publish a hate incident policy for staff and/or volunteers which sets out:

? The definition of a hate incident

? The different ways a hate incident can be reported to the police

? The responsibility of staff/volunteers to report a hate incident on someone else’s behalf if the victim or witness does not feel confident to do it themselves called ‘third party reporting’ – see Annex 1

? Definition of

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