Contacts for Junior Doctors

This is a list of contacts for junior doctors interested in finding out about research opportunities while working at NNUH. This includes potential research projects, audits, case reports available in the departments. When writing to the specialty contact, please also copy in the R&D office [], so we can keep a record of activity & progress.

Name Specialty/Role Email Address
Prof Kristian Bowles Associate Medical Director for Research/Haematology
Prof Karl Gaffney Chair of Research Leads Group/Rheumatology
Dr Ian Pope Accident and Emergency
Dr Simon Fletcher Anaesthetics and Critical Care
Dr Caroline Reavely Anaesthetics
Dr Alisdair Ryding Cardiology
Dr Vass Vassiliou Cardiology and Medical Education
Prof Garry John Clinical Biochemistry
Prof Nick Levell Dermatology
Prof Mike Sampson Diabetes and Endocrinology
Prof Jeremy Turner Diabetes and Endocrinology
Mr John Phillips ENT
Dr Simon Rushbrook Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Mr James Hernon General Surgery
Mr Ilias Giarenis Gynaecology
Dr Francois Kwong Histopathology
Prof Paul Clarke Neonatal Intensive Care
Dr Martin Lee Neurology
Mr Martin Cameron Obstetrics
Dr Martyn Patel Older People’s Medicine
Dr Jenny Nobes Oncology
Dr Emma Webb Paediatrics
Dr Caroline Barry Palliative Medicine
Prof Marc Moncrieff Plastic Surgery
Dr Tom Turmezei Radiology
Dr Mahzuz Karim Renal Medicine
Prof Andrew Wilson Respiratory Medicine
Dr Kneale Metcalf Stroke Medicine
Mr Vasileios Kouritas Thoracic Surgery
Prof Iain McNamara Trauma and Orthopaedics
Mr Robert Mills Urology

Any problems or for an enquiry regarding a specialty not listed please contact