OPAS referrals

COVID-19 and OPAS referrals

In common with most other specialties, we are changing the way we work over the next few months and in particular who we see in outpatient clinics.
The elderly appear to be at greater risk of poor outcomes after infection with COVID-19 so we want to avoid bringing them up to the hospital.
We therefore plan to restrict OPAS to urgent referrals only.
All referrals will be vetted but due to the diverse nature of this group of patients it is difficult to give exact criteria as to what is urgent.
Admission avoidance – we aim to see any patients in OPAS who would likely otherwise need hospital admission.
We will not accept any OPAS referrals for patients with respiratory symptoms / new shortness of breath.
We will continue to provide an Advice + Guidance service.
We are looking to set up tele/video clinics as soon as is practically possible.