Oral Health referrals

COVID-19 – Oral health GP and GDP referral criteria

In line with other departments within the hospital as a result of the current COVID-19 I am writing to inform you of some changes in the referral criteria for oral health. In order to continue to with a policy of social distancing and reducing the number of patients who need to attend the hospital. We will stop accepting referrals for All routine referrals including but not limited to
• TMJ and Facial pain symptoms
• non urgent Tier 3 dentoalveolar procedures ( we do not to accept tier 2 category work from the Dental triagers) this will include patients with pain associated with dental caries. Patients with dental pain should have their decay temporised where possible in primary care.
• All orthodontic referrals including requests for removal of impacted canines.
We will continue to accept
• 2 WW patients, please continue to inform patients that they are being referred on a suspected cancer pathway. We may alter the way these patients are screened prior to 1st appointment.
• Urgent dentoalveolar case, this should be limited to patients who have been experiencing repeated infections requiring antibiotics.
• Trauma where the 1st presentation is in primary care. These should, as usual, be referred immediately via telephone to the on call team in oral and maxillofacial surgery.
• Existing patients will be followed up according to need this may take the form of a letter for some benign results, a telephone or video consultation and where necessary a face to face consultation if absolutely urgent.
For any patients who have to attend please ensure they are aware of social distancing practices.
They should not bring other friends or family unless absolutely necessary. Family providing transport should consider staying in the car.
transport should consider staying in the car.