Travel Survey

Please help us by spending a couple of minutes completing this survey. All information will be kept confidential.

The Trust is updating its Travel Plan, a package of measures for encouraging more walking, cycling, car sharing, and bus travel. Many people will still need to use cars, and that is accepted. But we want to manage the car parking better; and try and reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. For some people we need to find good alternatives to ‘drive alone’ car use. This survey, along with one for staff, will help to make the case.

Please enter your details at the end of the survey if you wish to be entered in to a prize draw.

Prizes include Tickets for Bure Valley Railway, Broads Boats Tours, Norwich Sightseeing Bus, One Months Free Travel on Norwich Area First Buses, One Months Free Travel on any Norwich Park & Ride, Silver Cycle Service from Cycles UK, Cycle Accessory Pack from Mr Cycle or a Stylish Umbrella Pack from Norfolk County Council

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    3. Are you a patient or visitor?

    4. Do you have a disability that affects your travel?

    5. How did you get to the hospital?
    BusHospital AmbulanceCar, as driverCar, then bus park & rideTrainHospital carFriend's/relative's car, as a passengerCar, then bus park & rideOther
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    6. What time did you arrive at the hospital?
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    7. What time do you expect to/did you leave?
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    8. How far away do you live?
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    9. If you came by car did you have any problems parking?

    Your comments/ideas on getting to the hospital

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    If you wish to be entered into the prize draw, please enter your details below.

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