Sign up to Safety


sign up to safety


In June 2014 a national patient safety campaign was launched to “strengthen patient safety in the NHS and make it the safest healthcare system in the world” with an ambition of “halving avoidable harm in the NHS over the next three years and saving 6000 lives as a result”.


In 2014 the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals signed up to five safety pledges,making defined undertakings against each pledge.

The overarching Sign up to Safety Pledges are:

Put safety first

Continually learn




These undertakings were incorporated within a ‘Quality Improvement Strategy’; a document that incorporated our annual Clinical Quality Priorities and which was approved and published in 2015.  We have undertaken to turn these plans into a ‘Safety Improvement Plan’ setting out the actions we intend to take to save lives and reduce harm over the following three years. Our patients, the public, our staff, governors and partner organisations have been invited to contribute during the formulation of the plan.



The Medical Director is the Safety Lead and executive sponsor for the Safety Improvement Plan, and jointly with the Director of Nursing, is responsible for its operational delivery.  Our four Chiefs of Divisions, Divisional Operations Directors and Divisional Nurse Directors are responsible for the daily delivery of the Safety Improvement Plan within their divisions.

Supporting the Culture to Ensure Delivery

Key to promoting the necessary culture to deliver our Safety Improvement Plan is understanding the impact of blame on patient safety, responding positively when things go wrong, encouraging staff and patients to speak out, learning from mistakes and successes, the value of the of the patient voice,  and using data accurately to support an improvement culture.



The Safety Improvement Plan encourages new initiatives in achieving patient safety.

Maternity Improvement Plan – next steps towards the national maternity ambition

On 13th November 2015, the Secretary of State for Health announced October 2016 the national ambition to halve the rates of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths and intrapartum brain injuries by 2030, with a 20% reduction by 2020.

‘Spotlight on Maternity’ (DH 2016) identified five high-level themes which are known to make care safer.

  • Building strong leadership
  • Building capability and skills for all maternity staff
  • Sharing progress and lessons learnt across the system
  • Improving data capture and knowledge within the maternity service
  • Focusing on early detection of the risks associated with perinatal mental illness

The five themes form the basis of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital maternity quality improvement plan aimed at driving improvement over the next 3-5 years by making better use of data, improving the experiences of women and ensuring the maternity workforce has regular training.

Prior to commencing the quality improvement plan, the NNUH plans to undertake a baseline assessment of its current patient safety culture using the Manchester Patient Safety Framework (MaPSAF) as recommended by the National Patient Safety Agency. This will be repeated during the course of the quality improvement plan to assess the impact of the plan on the patient safety culture at the NNUH.

It must be noted that the maternity unit currently has other improvement plans in progress – antenatal care/ postnatal care/ Saving Babies Lives. This action plan is focusing on improving the safety culture by strengthening team working, leadership, training and learning using recent recommendations from ‘Spotlight in Maternity’(DH 2016) and ‘Safer Maternity Care’(DH 2016).



We will monitor our progress against these pledges and post results under assessments.



The quality report gives details of our progress.