Corporate & Clinical Governance

The Trust has a Healthcare Governance Framework that supports the Board of Directors in discharging its responsibilities for ensuring that high quality and safe services are in place for patients, visitors and staff.

The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure that relevant and core standards are implemented and that good progress is made towards the implementation of developmental standards.

The Board of Directors has four established assurance Committees, covering areas of Quality and Safety; Finance, Investments and Performance; People and Culture; and Audit.  The Board receives regular reports from each of its Committees.

There are also three Governance Sub-Boards, with areas of focus constructed so as to be consistent with the inspection regime of the Care Quality Commission under the following headings:

  • Clinical Safety and Effectiveness
  • Patient Engagement and Experience
  • Workforce & Education

A Divisional Performance Committee also oversees the work of our clinically-led Divisions.  Our divisional structure forms a key part of our management and governance structure and each of the divisions is represented in the membership of the Management Board.