Smoke free

As a major provider of healthcare in Norfolk & Waveney, we want to create a healthy environment for our staff, patients, visitors and contractors and have made a commitment to becoming smokefree through signing the NHS Smokefree Pledge.

Smoking puts people at risk of complications and delays their recovery. A smoke-free hospital creates the right environment for people trying to stop smoking and also for those who need to remain smoke-free while in hospital or visiting.

We’ve a Smokefree Policy which means that smoking is not allowed in any area of the hospital, including buildings, doorways, grounds and car parks.

We’ve introduced a smokefree zone for the main hospital site.

For all other Trust sites, the smokefree zone starts and finishes at the entrance/exit roads and pathways.

What should I do if I smoke?

We understand that it is a matter of personal choice if individuals smoke or not, but the matter of where they smoke is of public concern.

As a healthcare organisation committed to promoting wellbeing it is important that we provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Short stays and visiting

If you smoke, please bring fast-acting nicotine replacement therapy (such as lozenges, QuickMist spray or an inhalator) with you. You can purchase any of these items from your local pharmacy or at our WHSmith shop on the NNUH site.

E-cigarettes are promoted by Public Health England as being safer to use than smoking tobacco. They are also shown to be a valuable aid in supporting people to reduce or quit smoking.  We are, therefore, adopting a vaping etiquette, which asks that

  • E-cigarettes are used outside only
  • E-cigarettes are used away from doors and windows
  • E-cigarettes are used away from densely populated areas (e.g. bus plaza, bike/bus shelters, car parks or boundary walks in busy times of day).

Long stays

If you’re staying with us for a while, please discuss with your nurse which type of fast-acting nicotine replacement therapy you would like to use for the duration of your stay. This therapy will manage your cravings and mean that you do not need to go outside for a cigarette.

Support to quit

If you would like advice or support regarding how to reduce or stop smoking, you can either speak with your GP or you can contact our local smoking cessation service directly, Smokefree Norfolk.

Anyone can self-refer to Smokefree Norfolk by contacting them via 0800 0854 113, or through selecting “Quit Now” on their website.

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Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

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