NNUH Green Plan

Our NNUH Green Plan outlines our commitment and actions to support the national goal of making the NHS net zero by 2040.

The plan sets out our actions to reduce our carbon footprint aligned with the NHS decarbonisation strategy, with a focus on the next three years. Action is already underway with our teams in theatres eliminating the most polluting greenhouse gases and reducing single-use plastic. Work is also ongoing to enhance our green spaces, increase recycling, reduce natural gas consumption and develop provisions for sustainable transport.

The Green Plan includes a commitment to:

  • Introduce energy efficiency measures, and better our energy management
  • Increase usage of renewable energy
  • Decarbonise our hospital estate and our install more sustainable heat and power systems
  • Reduce single use plastic and introduce better waste segregation
  • Conservation and creation of further green spaces and biodiversity
  • Invest in electric charging facilities
  • Convert Trust lease cars into ultra-low emission vehicles
  • Increasing use of local suppliers as part of the NHS Supply Chain
  • Invest in active travel, car sharing, cycling infrastructure and increasing public transport links to benefit staff, patients and visitors
  • Increased use of digital technologies to improve quality and accessibility of healthcare
  • Trialling more sustainable initiatives with catering
  • Assess and increase climate resilience within the Estates, such as overheating within buildings
  • Ehttps://new.nnuh.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/NNUH-Green-Plan-June-2022-update-Final.pdfnsure there is a clinical focus on sustainability as well as within Estates and Facilities

The NNUH Green Plan can be viewed here