Our history 1870 – 1900

We went from strength to strength, expanding and developing into the hospital we know today.

  • 1874 Purchase of adjoining “Flint House Estate” for £14,715.20
  • 1874 Hospital took temporary loan of the Iron Hospital from the Corporation of Norwich to allow treatment of some surgical cases away from the hospital
  • 1874 Captain Douglas Galton R.E. consulted as to the sanitary state of the hospital.
  • 1875 First Lady Superintendent and Head of Nurses appointed.
  • 1876 TRH Prince and Princess of Wales attend a meeting in St Andrews Hall in aid of the extension of the hospital

N&N Hospital nurses in 1876

  • 1877 Agreed that a new hospital will be built rather than extending the existing buildings
  • 1879 (Jun) HRH Prince of Wales lays the Foundation Stone of the new hospital
  • 1880 New building ordered to house Drying Room over 2 small wards and Laundry as well as another as a still-room.
  • 1881 (Jun) (30/06/1881) Western half of the new hospital officially opened
  • 1881 (Jul) First patients received on new wards
  • 1883 Formal opening of new hospital by TRH Duke and Duchess of Connaught
  • 1883 (Aug) Whole of new hospital opened by RH Duke and Duchess of Connaught, accompanied by Prince Albert Victor
  • 1883 (Aug) New hospital fully opened to patients – total cost £57116.6.2
  • 1884 (Oct) TRH Prince and Princess of Wales visit and inspect the hospital
  • 1888 New mortuary built at a cost of £221
  • 1889 A nurse trained in massage and electricity appointed
  • 1890 New ward furnished with a view to emergencies of temporary pressure of patients, at a cost of £177.17.9

A N&N ward (1870-1890)

  • 1891 A small laboratory for clinical research created
  • 1893 The Fletcher Convalescent Home at Cromer presented by Mr Fletcher. Opened by the Countess of Leicester. Contained 26 beds + 2 for sick nurses sent from the hospital.
  • 1894 Hospital wards divided into Medical and Surgical
  • 1896 The hospital to be lit with electricity – requiring 500 lamps.
  • 1897 The Medical staff decided that smoking would not be allowed on the wards.
  • 1899 Renovation of the operating theatre on antiseptic principles. Funded through private donations. Cost£600.
  • 1899 An offer accepted by the Government to reserve four beds in the Cromer Convalescent Home for sick or wounded soldiers from South Africa.