Quality Improvement at NNUH

Our Quality Improvement (QI) team supports the delivery of safe, effective and person-centred care.

It comprises two teams, the QI Cross-organisational team and the QI Regulation and Governance team, who aspire to become a Centre of Excellence in supporting staff to develop and deliver sustainable benefits, including financial, clinical quality and service delivery improvements.

All initiatives underpin out strategic goals by prioritising the availability of resources, providing professional training and embedding standardised governance processes across the organisation.

The QI Regulation and Governance team supports individuals, teams and services to align quality improvement priorities to wider transformational change and organisations priorities. They lead on expanding our QI capacity and capability with a focus on coaching others to “own” quality and quality improvement activities.

In addition to leading clinically-focused programmes such as Pathway to Excellence® and Perfect Ward, they also lead and manage the CQC regulatory compliance programmes by ensuring robust systems to demonstrate adherence to CQC regulatory standards and supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of our improvement plans associated with CQC recommendations and our “Journey to Outstanding” for each clinical area.

The QI Cross-organisational team works with colleagues across the Trust and wider Norfolk and Waveney healthcare system (including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn) and is responsible for the development, delivery and monitoring of targeted programmes, projects and initiatives to ensure an impact on quality, safety, efficiency and performance.

They also support project leads in developing their plans and acts as a hub for knowledge on programme and project management. In addition, they assist with the delivery of these programmes and projects through tracking milestones and KPIs, reporting key risks and escalating issues to a senior level where necessary.

Contact us

QI Regulation and Governance team: QIRegulationandGovernance@nnuh.nhs.uk

QI Cross Organisational team: QIcrossorg@nnuh.nhs.uk