Quality Improvement at NNUH

Quality Improvement Progress

Our Quality and Safety Improvement strategy supports our ‘journey to outstanding’ and the achievement of our vision “to provide every patient with the care we want for those we love the most” and is underpinned by our core values. We have set out our quality priorities for the next few years, to improve patient safety, clinical effectiveness and the experience of those who use our services.

We will also be equipping our staff with the tools, techniques, training and support needed to deliver quality improvements in all areas, day in day out. In particular, we will develop a QI Faculty and widen access to quality improvement training for all our staff.

The Board is committed to making both the care we provide, and the experience of the staff who work in our hospitals and community services outstanding.   We are planning, managing and measuring the improvements we make, and we will hold ourselves to account for delivering planned improvements and for facilitating a focus on quality at all levels.

This strategy will evolve over the coming years and we will ensure that as many people as possible, particularly our staff and patients, can share their views and shape our quality plans going forward.

Our Quality Strategy underpins our quality objectives to continually improve patient experience, safety and effectiveness of care.

  • It will ensure that challenges facing the Trust are met without compromising quality of care
  • Ensure that lessons are learned when things go wrong and meaningful actions taken
  • Allow us to recognise when quality is not as good as it should be and empower staff to change it for the better
  • Help teams and individuals see the contribution they make to improving quality
  • We will demonstrate delivery of national and locally defined quality priorities by clearly defining and measuring what we aim to achieve by when

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