Bribery statement

As a Trust we support the continued establishment and maintenance of a strong anti-fraud, bribery and corruption culture among all staff, contractors, the public and patients. Fraud is taken seriously and staff are made aware of how to identify and report fraud correctly.

We are as committed to the prevention, deterrence and detection of bribery just as we are to combatting fraud in the NHS. As an organisation, we have a zero-tolerance attitude towards bribery and we aim to maintain anti-bribery compliance as ‘business as usual’. The Trust will seek the most stringent sanctions against anyone seeking to commit bribery or fraud.

The Trust endorses the right and duty of individual staff to raise any matters of concern they may have with the delivery of care or services to a patient of the Trust, or about financial malpractice, unlawful conduct, dangers to health and safety or the environment.

If you have any concerns or suspicions regarding bribery, corruption or fraud affecting the Trust, you can contact the Chief Finance Officer or the Local Counter Fraud Specialist or the NHSCFA at or by calling 0800 028 4060 (available 24 hours).