Work Experience

As one of the largest employers in the area, the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust acknowledges its social responsibility to engage with young people and students within the local community by offering work related learning opportunities.

We are committed to providing work experience placements for students to assist them in developing an understanding of working life in a health care setting.  If you are a student at a local school and thinking of a career in the NHS, then our work experience programme could be for you.  Having the chance to experience a working environment prior to making a career choice will prove very valuable in helping you plan your long-term future.

Norfolk & Norwich Career Information Contacts

Please remember all staff mentioned below are working professionals, and therefore they will respond to you as soon as they are able.  Please read carefully what experience is offered.


Contact is Susan Leinster on   NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Physiotherapy presentation, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Gergana Kafedzhieva-Leuw on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Occupational Therapy Talk,  must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Francesca Howe on Colin.Whatley@nnuh.nhs.ukNO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Dietitian Talk, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Kate Richardson on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Speech & Language Therapy talk, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Leah Cooper on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Informal Talk,  must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Kerrie Fox on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer prospective student visits, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Claire Morgan on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer prospective student visit, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Rebecca Cozens on  NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Informal Talk & Tour, must be 16 years and over.


Contact is Lucy Spinks (Mon-Thurs) on NO PLACEMENTS OFFERED,
Offer Informal Talk & Tour, must be 16 years and over.

  • 14th January 2019 at 12pm
  • 26th March 2019 at 12pm
  • 28th May 2019 at 12pm
  • 29th July 2019 at 12pm
  • 21st October 2019 at 12pm


Contact is

Students must be 16 years and over and have high GCSE grades in the sciences.

There are limited placements offered each year.

The window opens in December where students can send in their opening statement as to why they wish to become a doctor attaching a CV to this email.  All applications are looked at in January and a selection is made then.  All students are informed if they have been successful or not.

Nursing Observation Programme

This is specifically for students who are considering nursing as a future career and are in either Year 12 or 13.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are regrettably having to put our Nursing Work Experience programme on hold until further notice.

  • Occupational Health form to complete and return to us along with an academic reference
  • DBS Form for you to complete and send to the relevant place.  Please note due to financial pressures we will not be able to fund the DBS fee.

Year 10 Work Experience Non-Clinical Programme

This is aimed at Year 10 students. The Trust offers 3 individual weeks during the year for the NNUH work experience.

Each week is a structured, planned programme consisting of visits to departments, presentations, talks, tours, and some skill based learning. The programme covers careers such as physiotherapy, radiography, pharmacy, health records library, nursing, medical and sterile services.

Thank you to all students who applied for the Year 10 Work Experience programme (2019) – applications are now closed.

Letters have been sent out to all applicants to inform them whether they have been successful or not. The standard of applications was very high this year – we thank students for providing strong supporting statements and sharing an interest working within the NHS.

How to Apply For Year 10 Work Experience Programme

There is no guarantee of a place if you apply.  Places are extremely limited.  Please complete the Application and the Health & Wellbeing Form.  Applications will not be considered if missing one or the other of the required forms.

Please state the week you are applying for at the top of your application form.

Please send either by post to the below address or scan and email again to the below email address.

Please do not send any applications in before the stated dates above.

Application for a Non-Medical Observation Placement (under 16 years old)

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Form for Work Experience

If you have any further queries please contact Clare Fox (Career Facilitator) on Tel: 01603 286843 or email

Clare Fox
Training Department
Level 5
20 Rouen Road


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