Research & Development

The Trust’s vision is ‘To provide every patient with the care we want for those we love the most’. To achieve this, our overall strategy focuses on excellence through continuous improvement in care, high quality and relevant research and education. Specifically, the core vision of our research strategy is “To provide every patient with the opportunity to participate in our research to improve care”.

To support the delivery of this strategy, with its academic partner the University of East Anglia, the Trust has appointed a Joint Director of R&D (Professor M Flather) and established a Joint Research Office. The Joint Research Office provides services to support all research projects and programmes being carried out in the Trust and in partnership with the University of East Anglia, local NHS Trusts and partners in the Norwich Research Park.

The Trust is one of six research active organisations on the Norwich Research Park who, with the support of BBSRC and the John Innes Foundation, have formed Norwich Research Partners LLP to advance the overall scientific strategy of the research park, building on the international research excellence of the existing Institutes.

The Trust acts as the host organisation for the NIHR Norfolk and Suffolk Comprehensive Clinical Research Network (N&SCLRN) and the NIHR Anglia East Cancer Research Network (AECRN).

The Joint Research Office is situated in the Research and Development offices of the Clinical Skills Resource Centre, Level 3 East, at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and in Research and Enterprise Services (West) at the University of East Anglia.

The Joint Research Office performs the following functions:

• Gives approval for all research undertaken within the Trust supported by an audit of research that the Trust Sponsors. 

• Provides support to researchers by:

o Organising research training and seminars, in particular ensuring that Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training for research is available to all research staff. 
o Supporting the process of applying for funding for research by giving advice, providing accurate costs helping access peer review prior to submission.
o Facilitating the set up of research projects taking place in the Trust and the time effective recruitment of participants to those projects.
o Monitoring projects and giving advice on managing research projects to GCP standards (including promoting the NNUH and UEA Joint Standard Operating Procedures). 
o Managing the contracts and finance on externally funded research projects.
o Giving advice on the development of Intellectual Property and appropriate routes for commercialisation.

• Works with industry and researchers in providing advice and support for the setting up and administration of commercial trials

• Supports the Trust in achieving its strategic aims by:

o Promoting and developing a research culture across the Trust and with our academic partners
o Providing the Research Management and Governance systems for the Trust and the University for healthcare research through the Joint Research Governance Committee and for the Centralised Systems for gaining Permission, co-ordinated by the National Institute of Health Research.
o Servicing the Joint Research Committee which leads on the research strategy of the Trust and the development of research policies.
o Provides reports to the Department of Health and National Institute of Health Research on research activity and use of research funds.  

Contacting Us

You may contact us via the General Enquiries number below but if you need to direct your enquiries to specific personnel please see the R & D Personnel Section. 

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