Breast Imaging

The Breast Imaging Department provides mammography and breast ultrasound services for patients who:

  • Have been referred by their GP to the Boudicca Breast Unit for a breast cancer symptom or concern.
  • Have an assessed family history risk and require annual mammography surveillance.
  • Have had breast cancer surgery and require annual mammograms for 5+ years (Surgical Follow-Up).
  • Require biopsies of the breast under X-ray or ultrasound guidance.
  • Are having surgery and require localisation before theatre.


Patients will be greeted in the Breast Imaging Department by the Receptionist and have their details checked to be booked in. Mammograms are performed by female Radiographers or Assistant Practitioners. A female Radiography Department Assistant (RDA) chaperones in the ultrasound room while a Breast Radiologist or Consultant Radiographer performs the ultrasound scan. Breast Care Nurses are available for all patients who require support within our department.


One large toilet with disabled access is available within the Breast Imaging Department. Neighbouring General Surgical Outpatients and the Boudicca Unit have patient toilets.

Contact Details


Main Telephone Number: 01603 286727

If patients experience bleeding at the biopsy site, please apply pressure for 15 minutes and either sit or lie down. After 15 minutes, check to see if the bleeding has stopped. If blood has soaked through the dressing, apply another dressing over the top of the first dressing. You may find this easier if someone can help you.

If bleeding has not stopped at this point, please call the Breast Imaging Department on 01603 286728.

Opening times are Monday – Friday 08:00-16:30.

If the department is closed, please contact your GP or attend Accident and Emergency for further advice and assessment.


Level 3, West Block, straight through General Surgical Outpatients.

How to find us

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