Clinical Psychology Outcomes

Following a course of clinical psychology therapy, the following outcomes are envisaged.

Improved interaction with the health care services:

  • Medication adherence / reduction in medication
  • Risk reduction of sexual risk behaviours
  • Reduced need for outpatient activity
  • Reduced hospital activity (reducing number of admissions, length of stay, and attendance at A & E)
  • Understanding of conditions
  • Improving quality of contact with health care providers
  • Decision making related to treatment / facilitate treatment decisions and choices

Improved Quality of Life:

  • Return to work / school / education
  • Increase in meaningful activities
  • Acceptance of health status

Improvement in mood:

  • Improvement in depression
  • Reduction in anxiety and anger
  • Improvements in sympstoms of PTSD
  • Reduction in isolation
  • Improvement in social and sexual relationships

Neuropsychological management:

Behavioural strategies to improve cognitive functioning