Information for Exhibition Applicants

We host in the region of thirty exhibitions a year which are held on the main Hospital Street. The information that follows informs you about many aspects of exhibiting here at the hospital.

The Hospital Arts Project does not charge any fees or take a commission for exhibiting, however we do ask for a donation of around 10% of any artworks sold. These donations help us to maintain our display facilities.

All our projects are funded by grants from organisations and charitable donations, no money is taken from healthcare budgets.

Our Exhibition Programme was established to:

  • brighten the main Hospital Street
  • offer a vibrant and changing environment for a positive point of focus for staff, medical students, patients and visitors
  • provide the opportunity for artists to exhibit and sell their work in the hospital environment

How to apply to take part in our exhibition programme:

We advertise for applicants and select our exhibition programme approximately every eighteen months. The selection committee comprise members of staff and the Hospital Arts Steering Committee.

We request that artists, organisations and community groups applying to exhibit submit:

  • 4 images, preferably by email, low resolution, JPG format
  • A Curriculum Vitae or brief information on your organisation or community group
  • A brief statement about the artwork
  • If your application is postal please include a self-addressed envelope

A selection committee comprising of the Hospital Arts Coordinator, Hospital Arts Project Committee Members and staff representatives choose the artists for the exhibition programme.  Selection is carried out in accordance with the NNUH Equality & Diversity Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy and the Hospital Arts Project's Aims and Objectives.

We notify artists on the success of applications formally by post.  If your application was not successful please do not let this deter you from applying again.


Contact with the Arts Office

Please feel free to contact the Hospital Arts Coordinator with any queries on applying or on your success/unsuccess. The Hospital Arts Project contact details are:

Emma Jarvis
Hospital Arts Coordinator
Hospital Arts Project
Facilities Department
West Annex 1
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Colney Lane

Tel: 01603 287870
Email: hospitalartsproject@nnuh.nhs.uk

On being selected to take part in our exhibition programme we request that you read and adhere to the following information which will help us greatly in achieving a smooth running programme.


About our Display Facilities:

2D Arts

2D exhibitions are housed in lockable double-sided wall-mounted display cases, each panel of which measures 120cm x 152cm x 2.5cm deep, the backs of which are covered with a neautral coloured natural off white felt.

These display cases are located along the length of the hospital street. An exhibition will normally comprise 8 to10 panel areas. Owing to the depth restrictions of the cabinets we are unable to exhibit artworks which are framed. We request that all artworks are presented in card mounts only. The display cases have been recently re-furbished and mounted artworks do look stunning in them. Artworks are fixed in place simply by the use of dress makers pins around the outside of the mountcard.

What we exhibit:

We exhibit a wide range of art and crafts including photography, textiles, embroidery, drawing, painting and mixed media.

Exhibition timescales:

The duration of each exhibition is approximately three months. We tend not to set exact dates as this does tend to vary slightly. We discuss dates with each artist prior to their exhibition going on display and coming down from display.

Transport and packaging:

We request that you package and transport your artworks. We organise mutually convenient times for delivery and collection of artworks on an individual basis. Regrettably we do not have storage facilities for packaging so we request that you collect any surplus packaging.

Delivery timescales:

Please deliver your artworks to the Hospital Arts Project office up to one week in advance of your agreed exhibition date.


You will be responsible for insuring works on display and whilst in transit.

Hanging exhibitions:

We hang all 2D exhibitions however artists may hang their own exhibition after discussion and agreement with the Hospital Arts Cooridinator.  

Information that accompanies exhibitions:

We request that exhibitors provide information for a text panel up to ten days in advance of exhibitions and several hard copies of price lists. We encourage artists to provide their own labels to accompany artworks.

Sales, commission and information:

We administer all sales. We do not charge any commission, however it does ask for a donation of 10% from all artworks sold. Donations assist with the maintainance of our display facilities.

We request that all artworks sold remain on display for the duration of your exhibition. Information on how to purchase artworks is displayed alongside each exhibition, price lists are available on application. It is Hospital Arts Project Policy not to show prices of artworks alongside exhibits for insurance purposes.

Private views:

We regret that owing to the specific nature of the hospital environment we are unable to accommodate private views though artists are often invited to give lunchtime talks for staff, patients and visitors.

Publicity and listings

We publicise exhibitions to all staff within the Hospital through the Trust's weekly Communications On Line Circular. We also send information to our local press. 

Please note that owing to the nature of the Hospital environment we are not listed as a gallery in the region.

We request that you provide us with a low resolution jpeg of one of your exhibits to be used in publicity. Exhibitors are included our web site with links to artists own web pages (with artists consent), however dates are not included in this information. 

Our Register of Artists:

We hold a register of artists. All artists who have been selected for the exhibition programme will automatically be included in this register on receipt of a completed Register of Artists Consent Form.