Staffing the Hospital Arts

Hospital Arts Coordinator

The role of the Arts Coordinator, presently Emma Jarvis, is to improve the health care environment for our patients, staff and visitors through the use of all forms of visual and performing arts, and to develop and implement an arts strategy which is dynamic, innovative and engaging, creating an environment that is warm, welcoming and uplifting.

Key tasks within this role are improving the build environment of the Hospital, providing a wide programme of arts (site-specific commissions, gardens, performing arts and workshops), strategic planning and project-specific planning and management and organising fundraising activities.


Our volunteers provide us with a host of skills and over the last few years the input of our volunteers has grown and they are now vital to providing the arts within the hospital.

We have had many volunteers over the years. Currently Lesley Parker, Jaide Bancalari, Eloise O'Hare, Leona Lynch, Frederick Clayton, Caroline Fischer, Carole Reeve and Ken House are our regular team. All provide different skills and dynamics.

We are continually grateful to the commitment that our volunteers give to the Hospital Arts Project. All our volunteers are enlisted with the help of our Voluntary Services Department in accordance with the NNUH Trust Guidelines.