Viewing arrangements – Arranging to see your relative/friend within the Hospital

Some people have the opportunity to see their relatives in the ward/department where they have passed away. When this isn’t possible, the majority of people prefer to view their relative when they are in the care of their chosen Funeral Director; just contact them to arrange this.

Viewing within the Mortuary Viewing Suite

Viewings are strictly by appointment only and normally arranged between 1.30 – 4.00pm, Monday – Friday.

Please phone the Mortuary direct to arrange a time and date to attend at the earliest opportunity. The Mortuary staff will provide you with the time and date you have requested, but please be aware this may not be possible. If so, the next available appointment will be offered to you.

Outside normal opening hours, the Mortuary provides an emergency on-call service in which it may be possible to accommodate a viewing. To request this out-of-hours emergency service, contact the hospital switchboard (01603 286286) and ask for the emergency on-call Mortuary Technologist. Please note any out-of-hours appointments are granted at the discretion of the on-call Mortuary Technologist.

If you attend a viewing in the Mortuary you will be met by a member of staff in the West Atrium and accompanied to the Mortuary. The Mortuary Viewing Suite is a calm quiet room located within the Mortuary. Staff will be there to support you through this process. Please understand that there may be some changes in the appearance of the deceased patient. The Mortuary staff will prepare you as much as they can and will be available to answer any questions or concerns. You will be given approximately 45mins per appointment to allow time for other families to view their loved ones. If you feel you need longer please mention this at the time of booking the appointment.

Please be aware that if the deceased has been referred to or is under the care of the Coroner a viewing is not permitted until we receive notification from the Coroner. This may mean that the viewing occurs after Post Mortem Examination.

Send a Message

If you wish to send a message to a loved one who has passed away you can send a message to The mortuary staff will print the message and put it in a card which will be placed with the patient.