Norfolk and Norwich Skin Tumour Unit

Skin Cancer

This page provides information for skin cancer patients being treated at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

A comprehensive website providing further advice and information on different types of skin cancer can be found at skincancersurgery  This website contains material produced by two of the hospital’s leading skin cancer specialists Dr Jennifer Garioch and Mr Marc Moncrieff.

The Skin Cancer Research Fund is part of the hospital charity and is dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of skin cancer patients at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Below you will find helpful videos for patients and teaching videos for health care professionals.


Patient videos

These videos were kindly funded by a donation from the Anthony Long Trust.

These three videos show patients how to examine key areas.They are approximately two-three minutes long.

Self examination of the armpit

Self examination of the neck

Self examination of the groin

These short clips below also help to answer the following common questions:

My doctor has advised me to take photos of my moles – how do I do this?

How do I remember to check and how do I use my own camera?

What is the ugly duckling sign?

How do I examine the backs of my legs?

How do I reach other difficult places?

Teaching videos for medical students and health care professionals

These videos were also kindly funded by a donation from the Anthony Long Trust.

Examination of the neck

Examination of the axillary nodes

Examination of the groin