Skin Cancer Research Fund

Norfolk FA Charity of the Year 15/16

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Why we need your help to treat skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Research Fund is part of the hospital charity and is dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of skin cancer patients at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital. We need your help to continue to provide equipment and support so our specialists can give patients even better care.

Your support can help in many ways by purchasing genetic testing kits which give patients rapid access to the most advanced anti-cancer drugs, a research nurse looking after clinical trial patients– trials which are essential to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer so the nurse can provide that link between patient and doctor, or to purchasing equipment.

Equipment, like the revolutionary Confocal Microscope, which would allow rapid diagnosis of skin cancer by simply scanning the skin rather than resorting to surgery and waiting days for results.

Many people don’t realise that skin cancer is a major healthcare problem in Norfolk. Every year we screen over 6,000 people of all ages and backgrounds for possible skin cancer and your help would ensure that the team is at the forefront of treatment, research and training in the UK.

Your donation will be supporting a local charity benefitting local people and, crucially, you will help raise awareness of skin cancer, which disproportionately affects younger people more than most other cancers. Prompt detection is critical as skin cancer can spread quickly but the good news is that 90% of those diagnosed early survive 10 years or more

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