100 treatments given to manage pain using Chilli at Cromer Hospital


Red chilliesThe Pain Management Service has delivered its 100th dose of a new treatment based on the Chilli plant at Cromer Hospital.

The Pain Management Service is a multi-disciplinary service offering a range of medical and non-medical techniques to help patients manage long term chronic pain.

The treatment, Qutenza, is based on an ancient theory of managing pain using the chilli plant.  Topical creams have been available for some years, but applying them can be difficult for some patients. Qutenza uses a super strength chilli preparation and is applied through a patch.  The patch is applied for approximately 60 minutes and is strong enough that it stuns the nerve endings for a period of up to three months giving patients prolonged pain relief. Due to its strength, patients have the treatment within the day procedure unit at Cromer Hospital.

The Chilli patch is used to treat patients who have a small targetable superficial area of nerve type pain, often described by patients as sharp, burning stabbing  pain. This may include conditions such as scar pain, post herpatic neuralgia and peripheral neuropathy.

Patient Beryl Burton-Pye from North Walsham has suffered with knee pain after a knee replacement. She has had two treatments of Qutenza and said: “After I had the first treatment I had at least 10 weeks free of pain, and that was like heaven! The second treatment was just as successful. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to have this treatment and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has suffered with long term pain like mine.”

Katherine Dyer, Clinical Nurse Manager for the Pain Management Service, said: “This type of treatment is only suitable for patients who are being cared for by a specialist Pain Consultant and it is an exciting development for patients accessing the hospitals’ Pain Management Service.”

Treatments are being held monthly.

Friday 18th of March 2016 03:29:20 PM