NNUH launches new system to boost patient flow

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is implementing a new system to improve efficiency and help manage each patient’s journey through the hospital by tracking all aspects of their care.

The Clinical Utilisation Review tool, known as ‘Medworxx’, links to existing computer systems on all hospital wards and aims to reduce patients’ length of stay in hospital. Nursing staff use Medworxx to support them in conducting daily assessments of each patient’s clinical need and to highlight any cause of service delays, barriers or interruptions in the progression of care.

The system, which is funded by NHS England, helps to highlight any procedure or assessment, such as a review by a doctor or therapist, or further diagnostic tests, to help timely patient discharge home or to another care provider.

The system was initially rolled out to four pilot wards, and has just been extended to six further wards with additional wards joining the roll-out in four week intervals.  All adult inpatient wards will go live ahead of the winter.

Andree Glaysher, NNUH Ward Sister said: “On the ward, the system gives us a very visual picture of a patient’s journey in hospital. We are delighted to be one of the first wards to utilise the system.”

Richard Parker, Chief Operating Officer said: “The installation and successful implementation of the system will have a positive impact on patient flow, allowing patients to receive a more timely discharge with obstacles identified and rectified.”


Andree Glaysher, Ward Sister on Dunston Ward updating the Medworxx system

Wednesday 26th of October 2016 09:59:19 AM