First look at plans for new look breast cancer unit

Artist impressions of the new waiting area and reception for people attending the NNUH breast cancer unit have been revealed by the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity, which is supporting the project.

The new unit is continuing to take shape with all the necessary equipment now in place, funded by donations to the N&N Hospitals Charity’s Boudicca Appeal.

Detailed consultations have taken place with patients and staff to find out what is needed for the environment and once these areas are completed, work will begin on the counselling rooms for patients.

The current breast cancer unit handles all referrals of suspected breast cancer from GPs – a number which has almost doubled in recent years. It is where patients undergo the range of procedures that determine if a lump is cancerous and, if so, where their treatment plan begins.

The Boudicca Breast Cancer appeal has so far raised £450,000 to fund the new equipment.

Donations have already been used to purchase a Stereotactic mammography system which uses low-dose x-rays to help locate a breast abnormality and remove a tissue and is less invasive than surgical biopsy. A Hologic LOCalizer guidance system is also being used so that very small breast cancers can be more accurately and less invasively identified during diagnosis and surgery, improving the patient’s experience and further reducing the need for multiple visits to hospital.

Dr Arne Juette, Consultant Radiologist and Director of Breast Screening at the Trust, said: “The next stage of the breast cancer unit will see us invest in enhancing the environment for patients and staff at the unit. Having all these improvements to the expanded breast unit will give patients a more holistic experience in a soothing environment. The unit will have rooms designed for individual patient use, quiet rooms for privacy and dignity. Extra space will allow for continued improvements to the support we offer patients.”

Like many charities, the Covid-19 pandemic has severely restricted fundraising in the normal way, so the N&N Hospitals Charity has used existing funds to get the second part of the work on the unit under way.

However, the charity is still actively fundraising to complete the project and if you would like to support the appeal please go to our website and find out how you can help

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Thursday 8th of April 2021 09:46:36 AM