Joint project at NNUH will further support victims of crime

A new base to support victims of crime has been created at NNUH in a joint project between NNUH, Serco and Norfolk Constabulary.

As one of the first initiatives of its kind in the east of England, the multi-purpose room gives police and security staff a safe place to talk with victims of crime as well as a space to carry out operational tasks.

Site Operations matron Hollie Stearman said: “I initiated this a few years ago following an incident in the hospital, and from then I have had a huge passion for ensuring site safety. We have worked hard to build a sound relationship with our partner colleagues to ensure site safety and a visibility to the public which is beneficial to patients and staff alike.”

Simon Wardale, NNUH Security Manager and EPRR Officer said: “This is a further example of the collaborative relationship that NNUH and Serco has with Norfolk Constabulary and our commitment to improving our patients’ experience.”

Norfolk Constabulary’s Inspector Dave Burke said: “This is an excellent example of partner agencies coming together to improve joint working procedures and relationships. Local Beat Manager PC Chris Boden has worked closely with hospital and security staff to secure this room, which has clear benefits to all involved in regards to working practices, as well as the wider public.

PC Chris Boden added: “I have been keen to secure an office space within the Emergency Department for the shared use of police, security and NHS staff to help improve working partnerships. In addition, more regular police attendance at the hospital should reassure members of the public and staff, as well as providing a visual deterrent to those who consider committing crime at the hospital.”

Serco Security Team Leader Gaz Hornagold, said: “This partnership is one that will grow whilst promoting zero tolerance in reassuring staff, patients and visitors to the NNUH that we are there for them no matter what the circumstance.”

Tuesday 20th of April 2021 09:58:01 AM