50 years in the NHS: the story of Maureen Chapman, Senior Audiologist

Maureen Chapman, Senior Audiologist, celebrated her 50-year anniversary as an NHS Audiologist this month.

She started as a trainee in Colchester in 1972, when she was 17, and moved to NNUH in 1979. When she started working at NNUH there were only six staff in the Audiology department, now the department has around 40 staff members.

“This year I retired from my full-time position and returned working two days a week. I still enjoy my job, the patient contact and the challenges the work can bring, even after all this time.” said Maureen.

“Technology has changed a lot during my career. Over the past twenty years hearing tests have been performed and recorded on a computer system.

“But it is probably hearing aid technology which has changed the most. In the 1970s we were only able to make minor adjustments to the sound of body worn hearing aids, using a small screwdriver. Now hearing aids are small, digital, programmed using computer software and compatible with mobile phones.

“All this makes them far more adaptable for the patients’ different listening situations. This has had an impact on the patient demographic too, as people are more willing to consider help with their hearing at a younger age as society has become more aware of hearing loss and its associated problems such as tinnitus. The approach to patient care has become more holistic.”

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