Black History Month – a time for reflection

Black History Month is a time of celebration and reflection. We get a chance to celebrate the rich Black culture in Britain, and recognise its contributions to our world, from science, healthcare, politics, to sports and music. This matters deeply to me because Black History is often omitted from history taught in schools. Which is a missed opportunity to truly learn and understand British history in its entirety.

Black History Month gives us as an opportunity to pause and reflect on historical injustices against Black people in Britain and across the world and on the reality that there are still social, economic and health issues that disproportionately affect the Black community.

I love the wide range of activities available during Black History Month in Norfolk, the offerings include community football tournaments, fashion show, young change makers event, BHM Story time, a session on How to Educate Children about Anti-Racism, Wellbeing sessions and an Afro Caribbean Market. Celebration, reflection, and thinking of the future in equal measure!

As a Senior Information Analyst in the Business Intelligence team, I provide data and reporting support to staff in different departments including Emergency Department, Inpatient Wards, Theatres and Maternity. My experience so far in the trust has been amazing, with forums and processes in place to share ideas for improvement and to raise any concerns.

Being part of the NNUH Together (BAME) Staff Network has also provided a safe space to share experiences and actively contribute to driving change on equality, inclusivity and belonging within the trust. As we take essential steps to make all staff feel welcomed and creating a sense of belonging in the trust, it is also important to extend this to patients from minority groups using our services. A diverse workforce and a diverse patient population should challenge all off us to work towards being open minded, welcoming, and making space to listen and understand the different experiences and needs of those around us.

Christine Cherop,

Senior Information Analyst, Digital Health