Our Covid vaccination campaign one year on

Today we mark a year since joining the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history as we battled against the Covid-19 virus.
Since we begun, we have given 72,000 vaccinations. These have gone to:
  • 41,000 NHS staff
  • 14,000 care home / local authority staff (teachers / firefighters / police)
  • 17,000 patients
Hilary Winch, Head of Workplace Health and Wellbeing, who spearheaded the campaign, said: “This year has been quite incredible. I am so very proud of the vaccine team who have been dedicated and worked relentlessly to protect our staff, patients and other care staff in our community. The team really are amazing – made up of all temporary workers including bank, reservists and volunteers, who are all hugely committed to the cause.
“This team has been instrumental in seeing a reduction of inpatients and critically unwell individuals in our hospital and have been crucial in protecting our staff against this virus. I still recall that moment when we gave our very first vaccine to our very first patient in Norfolk and the hope that this vaccine programme was giving to all those who received it a year ago. I am still very aware of how vital this programme of work is for our hospital community (staff and patients).”
Lead vaccinator Helen Lloyd said: “I am immensely proud to have been part of the vaccination programme. I can remember the expectation, pride and sense of hope I felt when Hilary and I vaccinated the first five patients a year ago and that feeling has never left me. These are challenging times for everyone and is still with a sense of hope and pride that we continue into 2022 vaccinating the local community.”