Daisy’s rise from apprentice to ‘Mentor of the Year’

When she started as an apprentice, Daisy Hanton would not have believed she would receive one of Norfolk’s most prestigious prizes just six years later.

Daisy, 24, Career Development Facilitator, has won “Mentor of the Year” at the annual Norfolk Apprenticeship Awards organised by Apprenticeships Norfolk.

She joined  as an Apprentice Administrator in 2017, became part of the Career Development Team in 2019 as Career Development Administrator before progressing into her current role as Career Development Facilitator in 2021.

As well as completing an entry-level apprenticeship when she first joined, Daisy has completed a higher apprenticeship while working as an administrator.

Her experience of being an apprentice has helped her massively when she needs to support the many apprentices who we welcome every year.

She’s the person who’s “been there and done that”, and her words of wisdom are invaluable.

“Whenever I meet a new apprentice, I can say to them that I was ‘in their shoes’ and I feel confident I can support everyone to make the most of their experience with us,” said Daisy.

“I mainly support entry-level apprentices who are studying at levels 2 and 3 by making sure they have settled in well and are receiving the correct support from their department.

“Starting an apprenticeship can be a huge transition as it requires someone to balance a full-time job and complete a qualification, so the support I offer helps people to gain this balance”.

Last year Daisy mentored 103 apprentices, with an outstanding 92% retention into jobs, and with 99% of people saying they had “positive outcomes” following their apprenticeship.

“If an apprentice does not manage to stay within their department following their apprenticeship, I will support them into other areas within NNUH.

“Sometimes apprentices have other plans such as applying for higher education or seeking employment outside of NNUH, so again I will look to support them with taking those steps.”

These great statistics are only one of the reasons Daisy won the “Mentor of the year” award.

The award judges read an abundance of quotes on how Daisy had helped apprentices with everything from support with dyslexia, interview preparation or mental health, as well as supporting apprentices into substantive roles, giving them advice on the next steps for further training or education.

“I also go to careers events, job centres and engage with as many people as possible,” she added.“  “And I’m involved in the new apprentices’ interviews at the hospital. Some people who contact us have already enough healthcare experience, so I signpost them to the Trainee Nursing Associate (TNA) or the NDA (Nursing Degree) apprenticeships, both delivered by UEA.

“I also support apprentices with any difficulties or challenges they experience during their apprenticeship, and will be the key link between apprentice, their line manager, and their assessor for their qualification.

“Some people can find it hard to speak to their line managers, but they know they can discuss things with me.

“Knowing I was an apprentice allows me to relate to those who I support.

“I believe apprentices are a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, and build your skills gradually in the workplace, whilst earning a nationally-recognised qualification that will support your future development opportunities.”

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