Flag raised in solidarity with Ukraine


The Ukrainian flag has been raised at NNUH this morning in support of colleagues and friends affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

We have all been shocked by the ongoing crisis and we stand together for peace and support colleagues and the local community who have friends, relatives and loved ones affected.

Chairman David White and Chief Executive Sam Higginson were joined by junior doctor Yanina Pecherska, whose family are from central Ukraine.

Sam said: “We are taking a moment to reflect on the terrible events in Ukraine and our heartfelt sympathies are with everyone affected, particularly with colleagues at NNUH from Ukraine and those who have family affected by these events.”

David said: “We want to show our solidarity with Ukrainians across the world and colleagues here who have families in Ukraine. We want to give our support by flying the flag and really hope this finds a peaceful resolution soon.”

If you’d like to support or make a donation to the humanitarian aid efforts in Ukraine, here are some suggestions: