Happy retirement to Colin Brown, Specialist Nurse

Colin Brown, Specialist Nurse in Earsham ward, has retired this month after 38 years’ working for the NHS.

Colin started his career in 1984 as a Phlebotomist and Lab Aid; in 1991 he qualified as a Registered Nurse being part of the team on Bowthorpe ward at what was then the West Norwich Hospital.

In 1994 Colin joined our hospital, on the old Filby ward, before becoming a Diabetes Research Nurse in 1998. Colin also worked on Kimberly ward in 2003 and then on Brundall ward in 2008.

“For the past 10 years Colin has been a Specialist Nurse and his kind, humorous and knowledgeable approach to executing this role has been appreciated by thousands of patients and their families,” said Wendy Smith, Ward Sister on Earsham ward.

“He patiently shared his wealth of experience with every new starter: from students to nurses, therapists and junior doctors.

“Despite many colleagues working day in day out with patients, they were often heard to ask ‘where is that lovely Nurse Colin?’

“All his team wish him a very happy retirement.”

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