Jacqueline’s efforts to raise awareness around tackling violence against women and girls

Outside of her work as one of the Executive Assistants to our Management Board, Jacqueline Kovacevic is involved in a charity that supports victims of sexual violence, exploitation, and coercion.

Jacqueline is a Project Administrator for The Magdalene Group, a local charity that has supported marginalised women and young people for almost 30 years.

“At the charity I work with, and assist, the project teams who support women and young people who have experienced, or are at risk of, sexual violence and exploitation, as well as supporting women with multi-complex needs,” said Jacqueline.

“I find this work and the job I do at the hospital extremely rewarding. Healthcare and and support to vulnerable people have always been the areas I wanted to work in.

“Having a direct knowledge of healthcare support certainly helps me when I need to refer people to services.”

The Magdalene Group has recently organised a series of group walks across Norfolk to raise awareness of violence against women and girls.

Jacqueline, alongside other campaigners, walked 141 miles in May to honour the 141 women who were killed at the hands of men in 2021, with a flag bearing their names to be carried by walkers in their memory.

“Thanks to the walks we raised over £5,000 – and I want to thank also my colleagues at the hospital for their support,” added Jacqueline.

“Proceeds will support the work of adult and young people’s services, including the Doorway Women’s Service, that helps some of the most vulnerable women in Norwich; the Rose Project, that supports children and young people throughout Norfolk who have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation and The Jigsaw Programme that educates young people to prevent sexual violence and exploitation, will also benefit.”

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