NICU trials new incubator

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is one of three hospitals in the UK to trial an innovative and affordable incubator.

The mOm Incubators aim to reduce the number of premature baby deaths globally by giving a flexible solution to neonatal care and making incubators accessible everywhere.

The cost-effective, compact, fold-away incubator aims to be an alternative to conventional incubators to keep premature and term babies in their thermoneutral zone.

The first baby on our NICU used the incubator for 24-hours whilst being closely monitored and the mOm team visited our hospital on 21 March to demonstrate the equipment to colleagues and students.

Amy Nichols, Neonatal Research Nurse, said: “Any project that can help save lives in places where conventional incubators are not universally used or feasible can only be a good thing.”

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