Norwich Research team showcases work internationally

A multi-disciplinary team of clinical researchers is due to present its work on Vasculitis at the international Vasculitis conference in Dublin, the first time the event has taken place since the pandemic began.

The Vasculitides are a group of conditions in which inflammation of the blood vessels causes a variety of symptoms which can be organ or life-threatening and have serious long term health consequences.

“This event draws experts from around the world to share their knowledge and improve diagnostics, care and treatment for patients,” said Chetan Mukhtyar, Consultant Rheumatologist.

“We are aiming to showcase our research and also learn from others about improvements in our understanding of disease mechanisms and service delivery which could be translated into better care for our patients.”

As our hospital is a specialist centre for the treatment of vasculitis, the Norwich Vasculitis team is showcasing five research studies which cover:

  • How a personalised plan for steroids, based on lean body mass, reduces relapses for patients with Giant Cell Arteritis
  • The incidence of visual involvement in one of the world’s largest cohorts of Giant Cell Arteritis cared for by an interdisciplinary GCA service comprising of the rheumatology and ophthalmology team
  • How a particular type of vasculitis, called Takayasu arteritis, occurs at a much older age in the Norfolk population
  • How Ultrasonography training for the diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis can be taught reliably
  • The development of national standards for hospitals for the care of individuals with Giant Cell Arteritis which is being led by Norwich.

The Norwich GCA team comprises: Chetan Mukhtyar, Georgina Ducker, Colin Jones and the trainees who have participated in these projects are Fiona Coath, Sarah Fordham, Tegwen Ecclestone, Mustafa Al-Hashimi and Sonja Mansfield-Smith. They are supported by the admin team including Anne Howden and Ellie Richer.