Spotlight on Amy Hindmarch, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Amy Hindmarch has been an Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner for the past three years. “I love my role – it’s multi-faceted, supporting, nursing, medical and surgical teams with additional non-clinical roles,” she said.

“My average day involves working in the Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU), seeing children from a day to 18 years old. We largely work alongside medical colleagues, consulting patients, undertaking relevant examinations and investigations and initiating acute clinical management plans in the treatment of poorly children.

“This may include performing more advance investigations (such as lumbar puncture) and prescribing important medications such as antibiotics. We regularly liaise with senior doctors within the department, who offer support, training and guidance.

“In addition to my patient-facing role, a proportion of my work is non-clinical and includes teaching, research, management, leadership and quality improvement projects, incorporating the four pillars of advanced practice. It’s a very diverse job, with scope to explore and develop in your areas of interest.

“Becoming an APNP requires additional training, including a Master’s degree in advanced practice, as well as completing additional competencies with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. As a result, our team is ambitious, hard-working and highly skilled.

“I’d highly recommend this role to anyone who is interested in developing and furthering their career in nursing. Our team was only formed three years ago, so there are still plenty of opportunities to develop and help shape the future of the team at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

“Also, I must say… the Jenny Lind is a great place to work. The entire clinical team are not only dedicated and skilled, but kind, supportive and invested in improving those around them.”