Spotlight on: Connor Weeden, ED Nurse

Twenty-two-year-old Connor Weeden has been an ED Nurse for the last year, after working as an HCA, and said he always “wanted to work in this department” and “could not recommend it enough.”

Connor, who’s originally from Kent and studied at UEA, relishes the challenges of working in one of the hospital’s busiest areas and enjoys the sheer variety of patients he looks after during each shift.

“From people who sprained their ankle to those who are seriously ill – a day is never the same in ED and that’s what drives me,” said Connor.

“We’re under huge pressure, like the rest of the colleagues at the hospital and out in the community; we’re fortunate to have a very strong support network in ED and get help from senior colleagues and matrons.

“From outside I know it can be scary but by sticking by each other we manage to overcome even the most difficult situations.”

Connor believes nursing is a “very rewarding career” and appreciates being able to help patients who, sometimes, are at the lowest point in their lives.

“Helping to get people back on their feet is an enormous satisfaction,” said Connor.

“My colleagues and I know we’re making a difference to people’s lives every day. We also carry out regular debrief meetings that help us process what happens and what we could have done better in certain scenarios.

“In the past 12 months I learnt how to trust my own decisions; having been a student meant there was always someone to run things by.

“Now, as a Registered Nurse, I need to make many decisions by myself, it’s about constant learning also thanks to the help of senior colleagues.

“The situation in ED is still very challenging, but the improvement of staff facilities, such as the rest areas and changing rooms, has helped the morale.

“It’s nice to have a new space, fit for purpose.”

“Connor has proved himself to be a resilient ED Nurse. ED is the best place to work to build confidence and learn key nursing skills,” said Johnny Wells, Lead ED Matron.

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