Spotlight on: Jennifer Sanders, returning to practice Nurse

After a15-year break from working in healthcare Jennifer Sanders returned to work at our hospital last year as Healthcare Assistant during the second wave of Covid-19.

Since then, Jennifer, who initially worked on Gunthorpe ward, decided to resit her OSCE exam, which is the national test of competence for nurses and midwives, to re-gain qualification as a Nurse.

“During the first wave of the pandemic I felt I needed to go back working in care, I commenced work in a care home and that led me to return to the hospital,” said Jennifer.

“I was not sure I could return to practice, but thanks to the help of my manager, Emma Stotton, as well as the colleagues in the Education Department, it was possible and straightforward.”

Jennifer currently works in Older People’s Medicine and is based on Brundall ward. She had decided to give up working as a nurse after the birth of her third baby.

“I started working in hospital when I was 18 and I qualified in 1993 and now it feels I’m almost starting a new career – it is very exciting,” said Jennifer.

“Sitting the OCSE exam was nerve-racking, it consisted of both a computer-based test and practical assessment and being older means it is a bit harder to learn and be confident in your knowledge.

“But all the practical skills quickly came back to me: I knew I had not forgotten them. New medicines and methods are introduced all the time, but compassionate patient care never changes.

“I love being back in my blue uniform, I still can’t quite believe what I’ve done, but I am glad I did it.

“Now that my children are all grown up it is much easier for me to work shifts and commit to my career full time at nights and during the day.”

“I am really pleased to see Jenny in her Band 5 uniform,” said Siji Sebastian, Matron OPM.

“She is a great example for those nurses who are in similar situations in our society. We have an excellent Practice Development and Support network team who will support you in this process.

“Congratulations to Jenny for her great achievement and welcome to those nurses who wish to return to practice and use this great opportunity at our hospital”.

“Since starting with the team Jenny was obviously a very competent healthcare assistant,” said Emma Stotton, Ward Manager in Elsing.

“Jenny’s work ethic is amazing; she is dedicated to her patients and her team. It has been an absolute pleasure to support Jenny, see her complete the course, regain her NMC registration and return to the blue uniform that she so rightly deserves to wear.”

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