Spotlight on: Kudzai Nyamupfukudza, Clinical Educator

“The N&N is the perfect environment – it’s more than I ever thought it would be,” said Clinical Educator Kudzai Nyamupfukudza, who joined us nearly three years ago.

He graduated from university in Zimbabwe in 2006, moving to Namibia in 2009 before coming to England in 2018 to train Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) and Registered Nurses when they join the Bank, which provides temporary staff .

“We give HCAs full clinical training, and Registered Nurses with our clinical induction, introducing them our systems and processes,” he said.

“My favourite part of my job is making a member of staff feel comfortable. Whenever I’m offering guidance or training, I want them to feel at ease and ready to learn. Knowing that they feel welcome and at home brings me great joy.”

His own experience of joining the Trust helps him achieve this.

“The journey here from overseas was seamless,” he said. “There was someone waiting for me at the airport, someone to show me to my accommodation and help me settle in. When I started, my colleagues shared their experiences with me and my manager explained that my worries were what all overseas nurses experienced. I was made to feel at home.

“Coming from a black African country to a country that is predominantly white, I was worried. However, I don’t know what I was worried about. All the opportunities are there. The N&N is the perfect place to come no matter your skin colour, ethnicity or personal beliefs.”