Spotlight on: Lisa Dennis, International Recruitment Lead

Lisa Dennis has recently been appointed as our new International Recruitment Lead.

Lisa qualified in 2005 at UEA and her background is in Urology, General Surgery, ITU, Coronary care, ED and Acute medicine.

She joined the Practice Development & Education team in 2014 as Clinical Educator and has supported and trained a wide range of colleagues over the past years.

“I took a particular interest in the International Recruitment (IR) programme as it hosts a variety of teaching skills and opportunities,” said Lisa.

“In 2016 our Trust was new to the International Recruitment OSCE programme pathway, so I was able to take a lead role in designing different ideas for developing the new programme and piloted ideas, as part of my MSc in Clinical Education Projects, to design, run and evaluate its progress over the first two years.

“I am very passionate about this workstream as it offers different teaching elements including simulated training sessions, clinical skills, supervised practices, preceptorship and much pastoral care and support.”

Lisa has been in this post for almost 18 months on a secondment basis and has now been offered the substantive position, so she can carry on the work she has been dedicated to for six years.

“I would like to focus on the professional development of our internationally recruited nurses to ensure they are supported in fulfilling their personal goals and achievements and ensure they feel valued.

“I am very humbled to be part of their new careers and lives here in the UK from meeting them at the airport, settling them in at their accommodation and ensuring they are safe and supported in becoming established at our hospital and in Norfolk.”

The panel who interviewed Lisa said: “Lisa gave an exquisite interview. What stood out the most was Lisa’s absolute visceral commitment to internationally requited nurses well-being and professional development and an impressive set of plans to monitor, record and publish the team’s achievements with this group of learners.”