Spotlight on: our Dietitians

To celebrate Dietitians Week (20-24 June) we’re highlighting the story of two of our colleagues, Sophie Rudgley and Anna Ribenfors.

They found out on Twitter they were both heading for our hospital and became colleagues and real-life pals.

Dietitians work across all specialties at the hospital. They provide care for patients with various clinical conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Renal Failure, Stroke, Cancer and so much more.

They see patients with nutritional difficulties on both the paediatric or adult wards, in many of the MDT clinics across the outpatients and they run the Dietetic Led Clinics in specialties such as Gastroenterology and Paediatric Allergy.

Which areas do you work in?
Sophie: “I became a Senior Dietitian specialising in Critical Care and Gastro in September 2021 and I also provide Renal maternity cover.”

Anna: “And I’m now a Specialist Dietitian in Head and Neck and Upper GI oncology.”

Our dietitians are also an integral part of improving nutrition across the hospital and in the community through involvement in the Nutrition Steering Group and community malnutrition pathways. Through evidence-based research Dietitians and the dietetic workforce contribute to our understanding of health conditions and health improvement.

What do you like about your roles?
Anna: “I really enjoy seeing someone from their cancer diagnosis, through treatment and perhaps reliance on a feeding tube, all the way to being able to see them eating and drinking again. Of course, there are sad times too but being part of a really great MDT and feeling like a valued member of the team means you’re always well supported.”

Sophie: “I love the variety. No two days are the same, especially on Critical Care which can be really challenging at times as there are so many reasons for people ending up there. And like Anna, I enjoy being part of an MDT and seeing patients through their journey from being critically unwell to stepping down to the ward.”

If you had a dietetic superpower what would it be?
Sophie: “X ray vision so I could see exactly where a feeding tube was placed…”

Anna: “X ray vision would be the ultimate but as a backup I’d go down the Willy Wonka route and be able to whip up oral nutritional supplements to suit any taste and nutritional profile, but without the big factory, more a click your fingers and ‘voila’ vibe!”

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