Spotlight on: Rosie Bloomfield, Patient Engagement & Experience Facilitator

As we strive to become an outstanding organisation with an exceptional patient and carer experience, we continue to work in partnership with patients and carers to improve our services.

Rosie Bloomfield has recently joined our hospital to become our new Patient Engagement & Experience Facilitator.

Rosie’s role is to ensure that patients’ feedback is taken on board by our teams and that services and pathways are co-designed with patients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

“I was very involved with the hospital in my previous role at Healthwatch Norfolk, where I used to have monthly outpatients visits to understand more about patients’ experiences,” said Rosie.

“Now I’ll be working across the board to develop patients’ involvement, help colleagues to improve communication with patients and enhance accessible information, in various formats.

“There are many teams within the hospital that are engaging very well with our patients – the challenge is to ensure we share our best practices as much as possible.

“Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to explain to patients how long they’ll be waiting for their appointment and why. This, we know, can really make a big difference to a patient’s experience at the hospital.

“I know in terms of engagement there’s a lot more we can do: we need to speak to those people, and their families, who we do not normally hear from, such as seldom heard groups. We need to let them know it is ok to express concerns about the care they receive.

“People are keen to have a say about our services: my challenge is to go out in the community and ask about people’s experience in the places where they are most comfortable to talk.”

Rosie is also working with our Patient Panel and the Carers Forum to continuously improve the quality of our services.

“I’ll also be keeping an overview of the feedback from the Friends and Family Test. Part of my role is to work with teams across the hospital and help them make use of this feedback. This will help make sure patient feedback is used to inform changes.”

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