Three-year-old Eleanor’s organ donation story

Today we tell the story of three-year-old Eleanor Timm, as we continue to support Organ Donation Week. In this heart-warming film we hear how Eleanor, from Wramplingham, near Wymondham, was born with an ultra-rare genetic condition which meant her intestines didn’t work. In order to keep her alive she had all her nutrition and hydration directly into her blood in the form of parenteral nutrition (PN).

However after two years of PN, her liver started to fail, and she became desperately unwell. Eleanor was put on the list for a combined liver and bowel transplant.

Two weeks before her third birthday, Eleanor received her transplant and has been going from strength to strength since.

Mum Laura said: “She is such a completely different child. The cheek she has and the faces she pulls. We are so grateful to our donor family, they have given the most precious gift. I have promised myself we will honour that decision and live life to the full.

“Have a discussion because if organ donation were a consideration it can make such a huge difference. Something good can come out of something so terrible. This little girl would not be here if it wasn’t for that family.”

Watch the video: