Wellbeing sessions at ‘The Green Room Therapy’ hailed as a success

Over 400 colleagues, in the last 16 months, have benefited from a series of wellbeing sessions kindly donated by “The Green Room Therapy” and supported by our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team.

The collaboration began back in December 2020 when Cathy Cookson (pictured) from “The Green Room Therapy”, in partnership with Mangreen Trust, approached our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team looking at options for charitable projects.

Cathy praised NHS staff for being “utterly amazing over the last year” and wanted to thank our hospital for all that was being done for our community.

While we were in lockdown in 2021 “The Green Room Therapy” provided a series of four weekly wellbeing videos for colleagues to have free access to use at home – these videos had more than 350 views.

Once the lockdown eased the support was offered in the beautiful sanctuary building located at Mangreen House.

The sessions ran monthly covering mindfulness, meditation, sound baths and reiki.

Over 100 colleagues joined the face-to-face sessions as the last one was delivered on Sunday 20 March.

“Cathy Cookson is fantastic. I managed to relax, something I haven’t been able to do for a very long time,” said Magdalena Stonehouse who works in Pharmacy.

“Lovely setting, so relaxing, Cathy was full of enthusiasm and the reiki helped my knees too. It was nice to meet and chat with colleagues whom I would not normally get to meet,” added Alex Hannah, Directorate PA/Support Services Manager, who travelled from Cromer to attend some sessions.

“We are very grateful to “The Green Room Therapy”, Mangreen Trust and particularly Cathy who have all kindly gifted their time, venue and expertise to deliver some much-needed relaxation and escapism to our staff, through what has been a very stressful period,” said Rebecca Semmence, Workplace Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator, who worked on the project.

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