Working as a member of staff and a Butterfly Volunteer

 Young, Staff Nurse in Cardiology and Rena Spink, Bank Midwife on the Delivery Suite, both give up their spare time to be Butterfly Volunteers, offering company and a comforting word to our end-of-life patients.
Jessica, who has worked here for a year, became a Butterfly Volunteer two months ago. She wanted a role that would see her offer more personal one-to-one bedside care for patients.
“The whole process of dying is very important – it can be overwhelming for the patient or their family,” she said. “Sometimes just being there is enough.
“The memories of someone’s life are what make them who they are today. As a Butterfly Volunteer I get to know them on a more personal level – hear their incredible stories.
“I’d definitely recommend becoming a Butterfly Volunteer. If you have an interest in palliative care, you can learn so much from the support you offer.”
Rena has worked for the NHS for over 40 years, 18 as a Midwife here. She has been volunteering for over three months alongside working on the bank.
“My sister died a few years ago and the care and support she was given at the end of her life really helped her through the journey,” she said. “Also, having worked in a field that deals with the start of life – being there when someone was born – I wanted to offer support to those at the other end.”
“Every single person I’ve met is different. Some want to chatter away and tell you all of their amazing stories – others just want you there in the room with them. It’s so rewarding knowing that you’re helping someone or their family.
“The support you receive from the Volunteering team is amazing. We’re offered a debrief at the end of each day too so we’re not taking anything away.”