World Kidney Day event at NNUH

In celebration of World Kidney Day, our Renal team held an event at the Benjamin Gooch Lecture Theatre.

The event featured stalls showcasing different aspects of the renal care we provide at NNUH and the Norfolk and Norwich Kidney Centre alongside our partners and provided opportunities for clinicians and members of the public to learn more.

The Kidneys are the organs responsible for controlling the flow of waste products and balancing the body’s fluid levels. They also help maintain bone health, alongside producing vital hormones,” said Rebecca Lorimer, Patient Education Nurse Specialist.

“It’s been amazing to see such a good showing of clinicians and members of the public who are all getting involved and having discussions about the world of renal medicine.”

The Norfolk Renal Fund showcased how they assist patients by providing equipment not provided by the NHS, funding staff training, and financial support to patients and carers who are living with kidney disease.

Long time NNUH partners Kidney Care UK, provide a team of Patient Support and Advocacy Officers who help with concerns about treatment choice, transport and benefits. Financial and counselling services to comfort and support people during their management of kidney disease are also offered.

The Renal Dietitians were also present to because diabetes is the number one single cause of kidney disease, with roughly one in three adults with diabetes having a kidney disease. A renal dietician can help a patient understand what diet works best for them to help the treatment and complications of kidney disease.

Rachel, who has been in the care of the NNUH renal department since childhood, said: “Having a team that is so compassionate and caring really means the world to me. I can’t thank them enough for everything, when I have come into A&E in the past, it was so reassuring to see all of the staff know exactly what they needed to do to deal with the complications that come with my condition”.

Learn more about the support available to those with chronic kidney disease: