Change to face mask guidance

Following new national guidance, we have updated our mask policy for staff, patients and visitors.

We will continue to provide masks for staff, patients and visitors. Please speak to a member of staff if you’re unsure or need further details of areas where face masks are required.


Patients in inpatient areas will be asked to wear a surgical face mask if they have suspected or confirmed Covid-19 or other respiratory infection, areas where patients are at high risk of immunosuppression and if they are admitted to an emergency medical or surgical area.


Patients attending areas that have people at high risk of infection should continue to wear a mask. Patients with symptoms of respiratory infection attending emergency or outpatient treatment should wear a face mask or covering on arrival.


Visitors should wear a facemask/face covering in inpatient areas where patients are at high risk of infection due to immunosuppression.

Individuals accompanying patients to the Emergency Department and emergency admission areas should wear a facemask or face covering.

Visitors accompanying patients to outpatient appointments are not routinely required to wear a face mask, unless accompanying someone with symptoms of respiratory infection.

NNUH staff

Staff will continue to wear masks in Emergency and Urgent Care settings, in areas where patients are at high risk due to immunosuppression and areas where confirmed and suspected Covid-19 patients are being treated.

Our staff will ask if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask and whether you’d like the staff treating you to wear a mask.